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Legal Requirements

You have a legal formality to be performed (starting a business, statutory modification ...) and you do not have the time or you do not have all the elements to make it?

ARENAS PARTNERS saves you time by helping you prepare your case and even better, by doing it for you.
We can dematerialize the entire registration process from the registries of commercial courts competent.

Specifically: either you move into our offices with all the parts of your case and we deal directly with your registration, or you send us by mail or email your parts, and we treat your case with you by phone .

The value of this approach: no waiting at the office, no passage in the center of the formalities, no loss of documents, a file stored and processed much more quickly, and be notified by mail within 24 hours if rejection of your application.

The price of this service is € 225.00 HT

The "plus" ARENAS PARTNERS: we provide free resolution models for writing your minutes of general meeting (under the legal formalities pack)

Warning: this rate does not include charges related expenses at the Registry of the Commercial Court at the Chamber of Trade, newspapers of legal notices, and registration taxes.

Formalities may be dematerialized:
Registration of company

Changing society:
Changing the home address of an officer or a person related to operations
Change of Manager
• Changes in capital
• Reconstitution of equity
• Opening of additional or secondary
Disaster Recovery
Change of activity
Change of name
• Transfer of registered office in the same jurisdiction
• Declaration of continuation despite losses
• Set with no activity
• Dissolution

For all other requirements please contact us.